Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hats number 6 and 7

Hello Everyone!!!
Here are hats number 6 and 7. I was working on hat number 6 last night and when I was mostly through with knitting it I dropped the skien on the floor and the whole thing got tangled in a terrible mess, this was about 11 pm. I decided to wait until I had more mental clarity... this am to try to get it untangled. So I woke up finished hat 6 and imediately went to hat 7.... and tadah its only 3 pm... i think this deserves a high five. My Aunt asked me if I still had my fingertips working.. I had to think for a second... but yes... and no I am not knitting any more this evening.
Hat 6 is a Black and Grey Baby alpaca fiber hat... just like the one that I made on day 2, only it has a defined rim and a band with a flowery button. Hat 7 is a brown/yellow hat , it is made from 100 percent wool and it comes with a matching scarf!!! The hats will be put on my etsy store later tonight. If you would like to visit my etsy store you can do so by going to and clicking on my about page scroll down the page and click on one of the product pictures and it will take you into my online store. OK now onto the contest details!!!
Here are the rules:
1. You must be a "friend"of my facebook page.
2. You will get your name put in a drawing to win a free hat ( Day 15's hat) for every time you post my blog posts to your wall. It must be the current post that I have posted that day and it must be viewable to me. You can do this 1 time per day.
3. You must leave me a message on my wall to let me know you have posted each time you do this.
4. If doesnt matter how far away you live from me, I will send you the hat if you win it.
5. I will announce the winner on day 16. This person can choose the hat style and color for hat 20!!!

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