Monday, November 21, 2011

Hat number 8...

Hello Everyone!!!
Welcome to my new Blog followers!! Today I knitted a alpaca hat, not the same type of fiber Ihave been using but something mult- tonal. This fiber is something I picked up a year or so ago, and I love knitting with it. I was almost sad when I finished my hat this morning. It has been a fast paced day so I have not been able to put up my post until this evening. My husband and I are babysitting a friends Brittany Spaniel dog, and he has needed a lot of excercise. Its probably good for me to get outside like this after sitting for so many hours knitting away!
If you do not know already there is a free hat contest going on. Please check out my last blog for contest rules and details. I want to clarify one of the rules I had on my last post. If you are not one of my "friends" my facebook page, just link up to my page and I will add you to my page so that you can qualify for the free hat contest. =) Please check all of the rules out to see how you can qualify for the free hat. You can look me up on facebook by my email:
If you have time check out my new store on etsy. You can get to my store by going to my website... and clicking on my about page. If you scroll down on the page you will see product pictures just click on one of the pictures and it will take you to my store. I have been so busy knitting today that I havent had a chance to put up the hats that I have been making on my etsy store.... I will do this so check back if you are intersted in one of these hats. Thats all for tonight!!

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