Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hat 17 Knitted Alpaca Hat

Hello Everyone... This hat is made from a alpaca yarn, I liked it so much as a knitted hat that I just left it that way. This hat is really really light and super warm... I like it so much I think I am going to make one for myself to take with me for Christmas vacation!!! Only 3 more hats for the project... What do you want to see me make next???

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hat number 16, Day 16

Hello Everyone!!! Thanks for participating in the Free hat contest, and for sharing my blog information with your friends and family on your facebook pages. I announced the winner on my facebook, but I will announce it here also. Shannon Rothe Naugle has won the free hat from yesterdays post!!! Congratulations Shannon!!!! Shannon has asked me to make either a green or a turquoise hat for hat number 20, so be on the lookout for that!! I spent today adding extras to a bunch of the hats from previous days, I will post pictures of these on here when I get a chance to get some pictures!!! Too busy knitting!!! I took a readers suggestion and I made a scarf to go with this one!! I am also going to make some gloves and I am trying to figure out how to make a snowflake for one of the white hats.... any ideas?? One of my readers said to outline it in silver.... I am trying to figure out how to do this. Only 4 more hats.... I am going to miss making hate everyday, i guess I will have to think about a new project after this.... any ideas?? What do you want to see me make?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 15 of Hat project... Free hat day

FREE HAT DAY........
Brown and Tan baby alpaca hat!!!!! Will you be the winner tomorrow morning??
Hello Everyone...
I am excited about this hat for many reasons... first of all, it is made from the baby alpaca fibers I have been using throughout this project. Second of all I get to give it away to one of you!!! Thirdly... it can be worn by either a man or woman as I have tried to demonstrate here. This is the very last day to post on your wall to win the free hat. Check out day 6 and 7 ( current project) of my blog for contest rules Also if you get the opportunity check out my etsy store.
Thank you for following my blog and sharing my project with your friends!! Good luck and I hope to see this hat on one of your heads soon!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hat number 14... Blue Sky Hat

Hello Everyone!!!! Todays hat is a mens hat but could just as easily be a womens hat. It is made from Andes wool and is soft and warm. I was lucky to get my husband and my cat-baby to pose for me tonight!!! Tomorrows hat is the free hat for the giveaway. I will post it tomorrow but I will post the winner on Tuesday. Remember the winner gets to choose what color hat I make for the 20th hat!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hat number 13... I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

Hello Everyone!!!! Tonight I knitted hat number 13!!! One more week for the project....
This hat is made from fishermans wool. I usually only use this wool to make scarves and other types of things but tonight I thought I would try to make a hat from it!!! What do you think? This one has no band on it. I think I will make another scarf to go with this for when I put it up on Etsy. I would like to use dyes on these someday....What do you think. Any suggestions?

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Most Photographed time of the year... hat 12

Hello Everyone..... Let me explain. I was inspired by a piece Ellen Degeneres did on her website about " Worst photos people paid for." There were all these pictures of bad 80's hair... so this is my homage to bad 80's hair but cool current hats!!!!!! More tomorrow!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hat number 11... Pumpkin Pie

Hello Everyone!!! Happy Thanksgiving. This is todays hat!!! It isnt done because I havent added the button yet, and I want to felt it down a little more, but you can see the color and what I have started to do with it. This one is made from Andes wool, and it is soft. I think you will like it when it is done.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hat number 10... Lavender Alpaca hat

Hello Everyone!!! This is hat number 10. It is the same type of wool that i have used for the past several hats, Baby Alpaca wool. I just love working with this material. It is so soft and so easy to knit with, and the hats are sooo soft and warm you dont want to take them off!! i havent added anything to this hat yet... I was wondering what my blog followers think?? Do you think I should leave this the way it is, or add some buttons and extras to it??
I want to wish each of you a very Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow, and thank you for following my project. In honor of the pumpkin pie.... i will be knitting a orange hat tomorrow...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hat number 9... Grey Alpaca Cloche

Hello Everyone!!!
Todays hat looks like a Scottish cloche. This is very heavily felted and is a very substantial hat. It is made from the same material I have been using for about half this project... a baby alpaca fiber. It is sooooo warm and so soft. I have been using a lot of darker colors for the last couple of days I am going to put some colors into the project for part of this week also. Soon you will see a hat from a burnt sierra color.... ( think back to the colors in your crayola crayon box......)
There is still time to enter the free hat contest, look back on Sundays Post, it will give you all the details.
If you get a chance check out my website . It has a link to my store.
I will be putting these things up in my store as soon as I can take some fabulous pictures of them.
I hope you are enjoying this project. Please feel free to leave comments on my page for suggestions or project ideas you would like to see on my blog.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Hat number 8...

Hello Everyone!!!
Welcome to my new Blog followers!! Today I knitted a alpaca hat, not the same type of fiber Ihave been using but something mult- tonal. This fiber is something I picked up a year or so ago, and I love knitting with it. I was almost sad when I finished my hat this morning. It has been a fast paced day so I have not been able to put up my post until this evening. My husband and I are babysitting a friends Brittany Spaniel dog, and he has needed a lot of excercise. Its probably good for me to get outside like this after sitting for so many hours knitting away!
If you do not know already there is a free hat contest going on. Please check out my last blog for contest rules and details. I want to clarify one of the rules I had on my last post. If you are not one of my "friends" my facebook page, just link up to my page and I will add you to my page so that you can qualify for the free hat contest. =) Please check all of the rules out to see how you can qualify for the free hat. You can look me up on facebook by my email:
If you have time check out my new store on etsy. You can get to my store by going to my website... and clicking on my about page. If you scroll down on the page you will see product pictures just click on one of the pictures and it will take you to my store. I have been so busy knitting today that I havent had a chance to put up the hats that I have been making on my etsy store.... I will do this so check back if you are intersted in one of these hats. Thats all for tonight!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hats number 6 and 7

Hello Everyone!!!
Here are hats number 6 and 7. I was working on hat number 6 last night and when I was mostly through with knitting it I dropped the skien on the floor and the whole thing got tangled in a terrible mess, this was about 11 pm. I decided to wait until I had more mental clarity... this am to try to get it untangled. So I woke up finished hat 6 and imediately went to hat 7.... and tadah its only 3 pm... i think this deserves a high five. My Aunt asked me if I still had my fingertips working.. I had to think for a second... but yes... and no I am not knitting any more this evening.
Hat 6 is a Black and Grey Baby alpaca fiber hat... just like the one that I made on day 2, only it has a defined rim and a band with a flowery button. Hat 7 is a brown/yellow hat , it is made from 100 percent wool and it comes with a matching scarf!!! The hats will be put on my etsy store later tonight. If you would like to visit my etsy store you can do so by going to and clicking on my about page scroll down the page and click on one of the product pictures and it will take you into my online store. OK now onto the contest details!!!
Here are the rules:
1. You must be a "friend"of my facebook page.
2. You will get your name put in a drawing to win a free hat ( Day 15's hat) for every time you post my blog posts to your wall. It must be the current post that I have posted that day and it must be viewable to me. You can do this 1 time per day.
3. You must leave me a message on my wall to let me know you have posted each time you do this.
4. If doesnt matter how far away you live from me, I will send you the hat if you win it.
5. I will announce the winner on day 16. This person can choose the hat style and color for hat 20!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Hat number 5, 2 toned green childrens hat

Hello Everyone!!!
Today I have felted a 2 tone greenish blue childrens hat. I am going to add some special things to it, but this has not been done yet as I am planning to add the extras to a few hats on Sunday. While this hat was felting I added a flower to hat number 4 at the suggestion of one of my blog followers, Michelle. I am glad I took her advice and I think it has added a certain level of charm to the hat that is was lacking late last night.
Tomorrow night when I resume knitting again I will post details about a free hat contest within my 20 hats days project. Look for details both on my blog or on my facebook page.
I will be adding the hats from this week to my etsy store on Sunday.
Yesterday I went to the local yarn shop and bought some more of that scruptious baby alpaca wool... this time I got a lavender, a two toned brown and some more of the black and grey. These will become hats in the days to come.... I am especially exctied about the light lavendar colored wool. If I have men following my blog also, I want to let you know that I have deliberately planned mens hats into this project... so be on the lookout. Here is the picture of the childrens hat and of the revamped red delicious hat!!! Enjoy!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

hat number 4 ... red delicious!

Hello Everyone!!!
This is my 2nd day of late night knitting!!!! Today I made a hat based off of a hat I saw in a catalouge @ work. This hat is made from merino wool. It has no rim, and is totally different from the hats I normally make. I love this hat. It felted in such a unique way. It has a swirl type design on the hat from it twisting when I felted it. What do you think, should i add a cute felted flower to the side of this?? Any suggestions. I will be posting all of these hats to Etsy on Sunday, I will do this every Sunday through out the project. sha
Welcome to my new follower... i noticed i now have 10 followers on my blog!!!
Have a happy evening!!!
Tomorrows hat will be a childrens hat, part alpaca part merino, and it will be two shades of green/blue.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hat # 3 Late night knitting!!

Hello Everyone!!!
Tonight I am up late knitting the night away!!! I had to work today so I starting knitting after my husband and I had dinner together. I had some beautiful maroon and tan with black and white flecked yarns to work with tonight. This hat is double thickness, and very insulating. I am trying to decide whether I am going to add any amazing buttons to this, or whether it should stay the same. Any suggestions?? I would love to hear them. For now I will let it sit.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hat two day two... Black and Gray Alpaca

Hello Everyone...
I think you might find this amusing.... as I was finishing todays hat my husband walks in and is admiring it. I said to him that I would like for him to get a picture of me in it for the blog, and that I wanted to take a picture of him in it so that my blog fans can see that it is a hat that can also be worn by a man. So..... i took some pictures and I started to cook dinner. I noticed the house was awfully quiet, but I was busy so I wasnt paying much attention until my husband walks back into the room with a big smile on his face and a check written out to me!! He said he could not let anyone else have day two's hat, that its his.
I wasnt expecting that... Look at the big smile on his face!!!
I really like working with this yarn, it is a baby alpaca fiber, and it is even softer than the other alpcas fibers I am used to working with. ( which is pretty hard to believe!!). Because it is the most wonderful yarn ever I think I will buy a few more skeins for later in the hat project... be on the lookout..

Monday, November 14, 2011

20 hats in 20 days day 1

Hello Everyone!! Welcome back for year two of the hat project! I hope you are as excited as as me !!! This year I have a website, and a etsy store. You can access my store through my website by visiting the about page and clicking on one of the product pictures. My website address is It isnt too late to sign up to have your own hat made in the project, or to give me feedback on the colors and types of hats you would like to see me made during the project. You can either post your coments here to the blog or you can post them on my facebook page!!! Above is todays hat which I made this morning and is currently sitting on its adult hatmold!! Todays hat is a purple hat with a handmade felt rope rim on the outer edge. The wool is Andes wool from Peru. The rope is made from raw wool that is local. Check back for another hat tomorrow!