Friday, November 18, 2011

Hat number 5, 2 toned green childrens hat

Hello Everyone!!!
Today I have felted a 2 tone greenish blue childrens hat. I am going to add some special things to it, but this has not been done yet as I am planning to add the extras to a few hats on Sunday. While this hat was felting I added a flower to hat number 4 at the suggestion of one of my blog followers, Michelle. I am glad I took her advice and I think it has added a certain level of charm to the hat that is was lacking late last night.
Tomorrow night when I resume knitting again I will post details about a free hat contest within my 20 hats days project. Look for details both on my blog or on my facebook page.
I will be adding the hats from this week to my etsy store on Sunday.
Yesterday I went to the local yarn shop and bought some more of that scruptious baby alpaca wool... this time I got a lavender, a two toned brown and some more of the black and grey. These will become hats in the days to come.... I am especially exctied about the light lavendar colored wool. If I have men following my blog also, I want to let you know that I have deliberately planned mens hats into this project... so be on the lookout. Here is the picture of the childrens hat and of the revamped red delicious hat!!! Enjoy!

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