Monday, November 14, 2011

20 hats in 20 days day 1

Hello Everyone!! Welcome back for year two of the hat project! I hope you are as excited as as me !!! This year I have a website, and a etsy store. You can access my store through my website by visiting the about page and clicking on one of the product pictures. My website address is It isnt too late to sign up to have your own hat made in the project, or to give me feedback on the colors and types of hats you would like to see me made during the project. You can either post your coments here to the blog or you can post them on my facebook page!!! Above is todays hat which I made this morning and is currently sitting on its adult hatmold!! Todays hat is a purple hat with a handmade felt rope rim on the outer edge. The wool is Andes wool from Peru. The rope is made from raw wool that is local. Check back for another hat tomorrow!

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