Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 20 hat 20 Peacock Hat

Hello Everyone.... This is the final hat of the project... the peacock hat. I would like to try something more bold next time I work with feathers, such as doing an entire hat out of feathers. They are much harder to work with then you would imagine. They are supposed to bend but I think I was bending them in al the wrong places. I rested on doing a medeival type hat and sticking a feather in it to give it some flair instead... but I still have a idea burning in the back of my brain about what i would like to do if I could get ahold of a bunch of feathers at one time. Thank you to everyone who participated in the hat contest. I will do it again next year in November. This is the last post before I draw a name tomorrow. I will draw the name when I get home from work tomorrow so check back for the results. Cant wait to give one of you a free hat!!!!!! I will continue to post to my blog as I work on my other projects/ orders.
Until tomorrow.

Hat number 19, day 19.... in progress

Hello Everyone.... This picture was taken at almost 10 at night...... so be kind..... This is a picture of yesterdays hat, it is in transition, and is not complete yet. It has to be felted more and turned over to the pearl side and have its band adjusted and felted more. It is going to have a gorgeous flower on the ride side and when it is done will look more like a 1920's hat. I will be working on this hat tonight while hat number 20 is felting. My peacock feathers arrived yesterday so todays (number 20) hat is going to be a peacock hat. I am going to do something creative.... usually when there is a vision there is a way, but that is yet to be determined, so come back later for hat 20 and I wish you each luck in the hat contest drawing.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Hat number 18, Day 18 ( from yesterday)

Good morning everyone... I worked on this hat while we were over at friends house for dinner last night.... We got home so late I didnt have time to post this last night so here it is... Its Andean wool, 4 tone pink.
This was a hat order that I am fulfilling. This hat is going to have a scarf to match it and so when the set is done I will post another picture.
Right now I am knitting todays hat.... number 19.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Day 17, hat 16 and 17...

 Hello Everyone!!! Sorry about the goof-up yesterday... every once and awhile ( and I know that fellow knitters can sympathize with this) one has to pull out the work they have done and simply start over again. This is true for any project or craft, but knitting is especially kind to re-do's. Basically I overshot on the hat band and I made it too thick but I realized this before i felted it and I had to unravel it and re-roll it into a ball and start over again this evening. I am glad I started hat 16 over again and I am really happy with how it turned out. I have seth modeling it for me because the hat was made for a head that is larger than mine, actually my husbands head is the exact same size as my customer. This is for demonstration so that she will know that this hat will fit her head. Tonight I was also trying to get caught up with todays hat number 17 and it turned into a scary baby hat..... You can see the scary baby hat on the top picture...  Seth thinks it is a good hat for a garden gnome and he might just be right. Have any of you read that book about gnomes.... the one they put out in the 1980's.... well this is dead on... sigh... Anyone have a garden gnome in desperate need of a winter hat.... don't want him to get cold outside in the Vermont this winter... got to protect those who protect the garden.
Tomorrow I will be knitting a hat with 3 shades of pink. It is a special order and It is going to be in the same style as a had I did early on that had 3 shades of blue.
until then...
Thanks for following my project and thanks for heaving me suggestions on my facebook page.
All hats that are not special order will show up on my etsy store in a few days...

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 15 Hat 15 Put a bird on it

 Hello Everyone....
Today's hat came about because of portlandia. If you have seen the episode " put a bird on it" you will understand. I couldn't resist...... I just had to put a bird on it.
This hat is child sized, and it is made from alpaca.
I am working on taking some etsy worthy pictures of all of this years hats for my web store and should have most of them up by the weekend. ALSO....... I will be having a black friday sale on my etsy store. My store will feature some of my inventory at highly reduced rates up to 40 percent off of my normal prices. Catch that sale while you can. You might find just the right Christmas gift for that hard to buy for person. I will have purses and jewelry and shawls/ scarves on my web store as well. Many of these items are not currently up on my store, only a small fraction of my inventory is actually on my page, and that is because I am updating all of the photography.

                                                                 Is your name in this jar.....          --------------->

I hope it is... because that means you have a chance to win a free hat in a few days!!!!! Start getting excited because I am going to announce the winner the day after the hat contest ends.
My wool order came so tomorrow I am working on a custom order hat as well as most of the rest of the project. You will see some very colorful and unique items at the end of the project...
Until tomorrow.....

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 14... Hat 14 Head scarf

Hello Everyone.... Today I made a head scarf... this is the best way I can think to describe it. Its made from alpaca fiber in 3 different colors. Its warm and it tucks right over and behind the ears.
I am hoping that the wool I ordered arrives tomorrow....My order is full of vibrant and colorful wool.... and frankly I think I need some more colorful wool to work with for the next 5 hats...
Thanks for following my project for the last 14 days. Also thanks to everyone who is participating in the free hat contest. 
Until tomorrow....

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hat 12

Hat 13
Hello Everyone!!!
I knit 2 Hats today.... here they are. They are both knit from mostly fishermans wool. I was toying with doing half of the hat knit and half pearl and I made this different for both hats. Check back tomorrow for hat 14.