Thursday, November 17, 2011

hat number 4 ... red delicious!

Hello Everyone!!!
This is my 2nd day of late night knitting!!!! Today I made a hat based off of a hat I saw in a catalouge @ work. This hat is made from merino wool. It has no rim, and is totally different from the hats I normally make. I love this hat. It felted in such a unique way. It has a swirl type design on the hat from it twisting when I felted it. What do you think, should i add a cute felted flower to the side of this?? Any suggestions. I will be posting all of these hats to Etsy on Sunday, I will do this every Sunday through out the project. sha
Welcome to my new follower... i noticed i now have 10 followers on my blog!!!
Have a happy evening!!!
Tomorrows hat will be a childrens hat, part alpaca part merino, and it will be two shades of green/blue.

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  1. I think a flower would be really cute! Maybe you could make the flower a pin so it could be removable?