Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hat number 19, day 19.... in progress

Hello Everyone.... This picture was taken at almost 10 at night...... so be kind..... This is a picture of yesterdays hat, it is in transition, and is not complete yet. It has to be felted more and turned over to the pearl side and have its band adjusted and felted more. It is going to have a gorgeous flower on the ride side and when it is done will look more like a 1920's hat. I will be working on this hat tonight while hat number 20 is felting. My peacock feathers arrived yesterday so todays (number 20) hat is going to be a peacock hat. I am going to do something creative.... usually when there is a vision there is a way, but that is yet to be determined, so come back later for hat 20 and I wish you each luck in the hat contest drawing.

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