Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 9, Hat 9, beige alpaca hat

Beige Alpaca Hat
Hello Everyone!!!! Its Friday!!!!!
Here is todays hat.... its a beige alpaca hat. It is very much like the hat that I made for myself last year. Seth mentioned to me that I didn't actually own one of my own hats (while we were on vacation) and didn't I want to make one for myself since I had the time? I am usually making hats for my website or making special order hats and purses and don't have time to make something for myself... so I took his suggestion, and today I decided to make another one like the one I made for myself.
Hope you like it!!!
Check back tomorrow.... another hat another day.
 And thanks for participating in the hat contest... I cant wait to give one of you a free hat.

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