Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 15 Hat 15 Put a bird on it

 Hello Everyone....
Today's hat came about because of portlandia. If you have seen the episode " put a bird on it" you will understand. I couldn't resist...... I just had to put a bird on it.
This hat is child sized, and it is made from alpaca.
I am working on taking some etsy worthy pictures of all of this years hats for my web store and should have most of them up by the weekend. ALSO....... I will be having a black friday sale on my etsy store. My store will feature some of my inventory at highly reduced rates up to 40 percent off of my normal prices. Catch that sale while you can. You might find just the right Christmas gift for that hard to buy for person. I will have purses and jewelry and shawls/ scarves on my web store as well. Many of these items are not currently up on my store, only a small fraction of my inventory is actually on my page, and that is because I am updating all of the photography.

                                                                 Is your name in this jar.....          --------------->

I hope it is... because that means you have a chance to win a free hat in a few days!!!!! Start getting excited because I am going to announce the winner the day after the hat contest ends.
My wool order came so tomorrow I am working on a custom order hat as well as most of the rest of the project. You will see some very colorful and unique items at the end of the project...
Until tomorrow.....

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