Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 5, hats 4 and 5... A day for hats with Stripes

 Hello Everyone!!! Today I decided to try a three toned blue hat for one of my projects. I was not sure how the colors would blend, but after trying it out I think I like the idea of combining three hues of the same color together.
Also... I decided to try a purple and grey hat. I was going to use off white, but I am out of that color right now... so light grey was the next best thing.Thanks to Yvonne for the idea!!!
Remember tomorrow is the day I announce the hat contest and the rules for it... keep on the look out for tomorrows blog. I will be felting a grey blue alpaca hat tomorrow for my project..... As orders come in I am sending off for more wool, some reds and pinks and greens...... Hope you are enjoying the project as much as I am this year....
Thanks for leaving comments Tad.... I like your idea for the style for the peacock hat idea.... I am still brainstorming on it.

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