Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 20 hat 20 Peacock Hat

Hello Everyone.... This is the final hat of the project... the peacock hat. I would like to try something more bold next time I work with feathers, such as doing an entire hat out of feathers. They are much harder to work with then you would imagine. They are supposed to bend but I think I was bending them in al the wrong places. I rested on doing a medeival type hat and sticking a feather in it to give it some flair instead... but I still have a idea burning in the back of my brain about what i would like to do if I could get ahold of a bunch of feathers at one time. Thank you to everyone who participated in the hat contest. I will do it again next year in November. This is the last post before I draw a name tomorrow. I will draw the name when I get home from work tomorrow so check back for the results. Cant wait to give one of you a free hat!!!!!! I will continue to post to my blog as I work on my other projects/ orders.
Until tomorrow.


  1. Fun!! It would be neat to do a peacock colored 30s style hat with a peacock feather accent. A hat style like this:

  2. GORGEOUS!!!! I will have to make one like this when I can get some more feathers.