Monday, January 24, 2011

Day five hat 4 and 5

This is a green mens hat. I used a long mixing bowl as a makeshift hat mold. This has given me the opportunity to make a larger hat. I will soon invest in or make my own molds but thats a whole other project..... This is my husband who is wearing it.

This is a red Cloche I made today. I used the same bowl to make this one. You can see that it is a little big on me, because it is being made for someone with a larger head. I am thinking of adding a celtic button to this one, with no band. I think it has enough shape as it is and is interesting enough without a lot of bling. What do you think?? This one is a order I am fulfilling. You will see several hats that were ordered hats on here over the next few days. I will label them as ones that have already been sold so that this is not confusing. This is hat 4 and 5. This is to make up for yesterdays mess !!! g-night!!


  1. Looking good, guys!

    I actually really like the larger fit on the red hat. Looks cute and keeps the ears warm!

  2. I appreciate the suggestions from the day before. I have been using a laundry bag to put the hats in so they don't get thrown around so much by the washing machine. Glad you like the new shape!! I do too.