Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 9 hat 9 and Ten or " Black and Blue"

Hello~~~ Today I had a visit from a friend who showed me how to use needles to knit. I have always used looms to knit. I did not get very far with the needles today but I know how to use them now to make a hat. I can see that there is no way that I will ever be as fast on the needle as I am on the loom, but I can see that there are a lot more posibilities with the needles... so I am sure I will explore this at some time.
This is proof......... see even a old gal can learn new skills.
The blue.........
The black.............
I have embelished this hat from a few days ago. This is one of the new buttons I bought.
This is a picture I really should have taken during the day. I have used a very pretty purple high end lace on it and the real colors in the hat do not show up. I am feeling encouraged that I have been able to finish the hats with the buttons, etc... On Sunday I am going to work on adding the extras to the White hat and the Gray hat from yesterday.. Sunday will be another color of Red!!! I am still waiting for the new wool order to arrive sometime next week. I will post a picture of the new colors... be on the look out. I am still working on getting something put together so that I can show you how I make the hats. Because I made 2 hats today I didnt have the extra time to do this.

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