Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 8 hat 8

Hello Everyone!!! This is hat 8, it is only partially felted. It is 11 at night and I need to go to sleep. It is only temporarily blah. The hats from the days before are starting to take on their full character now. I have been adding detailing to them so that I can post them later on in the project as finished pieces. So you can see by looking at this that it still looks like it does when it is in its knitted state. I knitted this hat very loosely, so it has come together quite a bit. It is made from Icelandic wool, and it felts differently than the Peruvian wool that I have been using up to this point. I have been having to put these hats made with the Icelandic wool through more than one cycle to felt them.

These are the buttons that I went scavenging for the other day. What do you think. Do you know how hard it is to find metal buttons. I was surprised at how hard it is to find them. There is local store in town called bakers and they carry the best collection I have been able to find. They are also of a more exotic variety. Pewter buttons from Norway, glass buttons from South Africa, etc..
This is going in the mail tomorrow, it is for my Aunt... I made it previously to this project.. but I just added its button on.
Ahhhh and the red hat... the red hat finally has its bling and its home.... Good -bye beautiful red hat.

Ok... so tomorrow is dedicated to making two hats because just as last week, I take saturdays off from knitting. I will try to start compiling a series that I can put up here so that you can see what I do in order to make one of these hats. I hope you are enjoying this project as much as i am. I also hope that if you are one of the to- be hat owners that you enjoy the hats as much I have have enjoyed putting my time into them. Ciao for tonight.

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