Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 4 hat 4

grrrrrrr. Has your washing machine ever eaten your socks before... has it ever thrown something around so hard that it fell apart... i have made so many hats and have never had this happen, but today the pink hat fell apart when it was felting. Felting is a non-reversable state so there is no way that I can go back and fix it. I can however make it into something else. I will be putting in a wool order tomorrow, so I will order some more pink wool to make another pink hat later in the 20 day challenge. I was very much looking forward to this hat.As you can see from the picture I knitted and felted a band to go around the hat base. I can still use that. Better felting tomorrow!! I need to make an extra hat to make up for this mess-up. Monday is going be busy!!!!

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