Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 18 hat the rest of hat 17 and hat 18

Hat 18
Hat 17

Hello Everyone...
Thanks for your patience. The Camera is back up and running. I have a camera that runs on a special battery that has to be recharged on a special charger... it ran out of juice on Friday.... but all you would have seen would have been half a hat. .... The blue and gray hat is hat 17 and the purple hat is hat 18. Hat 18 needs to have its detailing added to it. As always when I have this done I post the picture again so you can see the alterations and how it completely changes the hat. The picture was taken tonight and the purple color just isn't cooperating with my camera. You will see the true colors when I re-post it. Both of these hats are hats that I have made from orders... See you tomorrow when I make hat 19!!!!

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