Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Back to the knitting again!!! The super post.

Hello Everyone!!! I am back to knitting again. I took a little break after the challenge, but I still was knitting hats. I made 2 hats yesterday for a order. The black one that you see above was ordered without trimmings. My husband made me a new hat mold from a wonderful piece of cedar, so everything smells amazing when I am molding the hats.
This is a red hat that I made for the same order. I decided to just pin everything onto it before sewing it down. The button I pinned on is a suggestion I have to the client, because I think it looks the best out of all of my buttons on the hat.

This is different order that I fulfilled. I decided to ribbon on the band of this one for a different style.

Do you remember this hat from the challenge? Here is its happy owner.
This hat was not part of the challenge but was a gift to our dear friends who have just had a little Baby boy.
Here are two sisters with their hats. Do you recognize these hats from the challenge?

Well I will be working on a scarf and a felted hat next. Be on the lookout for those things this week and next. I will try to at least put something up every week if not more. If you are wearing a hat from the challenge and I don't have a picture of you please email it to me so I can post it on my blog and in my portfolio!!! Thanks for following my blog. I have been getting suggestions from you and I will be working on the things you suggested between my orders!!
ALSO>>>> One of my friends and Blog followers has posted a new website with her vintage inspired clothing on it. It is marvelous and I would encourage you to go on over there and check her blog out, and join in on the fun. Her website address is below.

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